Bar Packages & Options

Hosted Bar Packages:

You can host the bar on actual consumption of items ordered by your guests or over a contracted period of time

The number of guaranteed guests for dinner (less anyone under 21 years of age) would be used for the guarantee for the package bar.  This includes consumption of domestic, imported & specialty bottled beer, draft beer, cocktails, juice, fountain soda & coffee tiered to your specification:

House Open Bar: one hour, $14/person, each additional hour $10/person

Deluxe Open Bar: one hour, $16/person, each additional hour $11/person

Luxury Open Bar: one hour, $18/person, each additional hour $13/person

Semi-Hosted Bar Options:

Dollar Limit

bar is hosted up to a specific dollar amount

Time Limit

bar is hosted for a specific amount of time

Quantity Limit

bar is hosted for a specific quantity.  If quantity is not met, host will only be charged for quantity consumed.

Hosted Cocktail Hour:

One hour house wedding bar package - $14/person

Cash Bar:

No additional bartender fee, unless minimum is not met.  In the case of an unmet minimum, there will be a $50 per hour/bartender labor charge.

Guests pay for their own drinks (can partially host and have guests pay for certain beverages outside of hosted bar).

Continuous Beverage Service:

Fresh brewed coffee with cream & sugar, fountain soda and water service for the length of your event: $150

Bar Pricing:

Liquor: House $5, Deluxe $6, Luxury $7

Bottled Beer: Domestic $4, Imported & Specialty $5

Draft: Priced per selection: the following is an estimate:

1/2 barrel domestic beer: $250-300

1/2 barrel specialty/imported $300-400

1/4 domestic $140

Wine: House $5/glass, $20/bottle  Deluxe $6/glass, $24/bottle  Luxury $7 glass, $28 bottle